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General Terms and Conditions
The general terms and conditions of International Lighting Company NV or Dansk Erhvervs Belysning ApS applies to this website. You can read the full terms and conditions by clicking here. All products are equipped with quality and lifetime guarantees that are widely available on this website. No return right is offered for orders placed by phone. The legal minimum required return right applies to orders that have been placed online. 
You can buy Super Long Life products online or via phone through our call centers. All orders placed by phone are subject to an oral confirmation process. We always call back to ensure and verify the details of the order. This process helps to eliminate faulty deliveries and makes it secure to buy over the phone. All phone conversations, including unsolicited sales calls, are digitally recorded. The recordings are used for training, quality and documentation purposes.
We are publishers of a database of companies and public institutions that use environmental friendly lighting. If you place an order on this website, or via a phone conversation with one of our call centers, you accept that we might publish your company-name in this online database as a “.. environmental responsible user of Super Long Life lighting”. You can always send a request to have this information removed.  Read more about this in our general terms and conditions by clicking here.