Super Long Life

International Lighting Company is the European market leader in Long Life industrial lighting.

Super Long Life lighting is used by more than 100.000 satisfied companies and institutions in Europe. The key behind the success of Super Long Life lighting is the simple fact that it offers better lighting at lower prices.

This rare and value adding combination of cheaper prices and better quality is possible thanks to the extreme lifetime capabilities of Super Long Life lighting.

Save Money

Up to 70% savings

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will explain exactly how your company
can save up to 70% by using
Super Long Life lighting from
International Lighting Company.

Be Eco-Friendly

Cut your emission

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explain exactly how International
Lighting Company can help you reduce
your carbon footprint when you
are using Super Long Life lighting.

T8 Lighting

Extreme Lifetime

A full spectrum program of T8 lighting from 15 Watts to 58 Watts, with an extreme lifetime of up to 60.000 hours. ILC offers every color, from warm to cool shades and high quality daylight editions. We also offer unbreakable safety tubes and dirt/dust resistant tubes.

T5 Lighting

Eco Saver Edition

Our T5 lighting offers the ultimate energy efficiency within fluorescent lighting. Save up to 70% with our Eco Saver Edition.
We offer all the main types of T5 lighting and are very proud of having the best specifications available in the industrial lighting industry.

Compact Lights

Guaranteed Quality

Extreme long life editions of the most popular compact lamps as used in industrial- and office environments.
We offer superior quality and give market leading life time guarantees on all of our compact lamps.

LED Light

Ultimate Savings

International Lighting Company presents LED lighting as a replacement for incandescent lighting. As a result of over 10 years research and developement, the LED Light is now available for everyone. Get unprecedented savings by using LED replacements for your old bulbs.